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8. KSU

 When the idea of coming to Taiwan first emerged into my conscious mind, I got blinded by the idea of how "cool" it would look in my resume. After it really hit me, I realized that for my friends and people I knew, it would be as if I were death. Not in the semantic but as a social character; so, after the acknowledgement of no longer belonging to a society that served as a cradle for my cognitive development and acting over that basis, my new life began as an old being, filled with an old idiosyncrasy of a far away world unknown for this land.

There is a lot of food that I am beginning to like here in Taiwan, and one of them is Chicken Soup which I can get almost in every food outlets near Kun Shan University where I am studying. Back in Fiji where I am from, the soup taste a little bit different from the ones here though it is also prepared by Chinese food outlets. I have tried going Shabushabu though we have to dig deeper into our pockets. The food is really nice and delicious, and I don’t mind cooking the food ourselves which can bring us a lot of fun. I have been to other restaurants. In that place, we had beef steak which is needed to be grilled by ourselves while sitting flat on the floor. It is a really good all-you –can-eat experience and we took as much as we can.Wego to the restaurant about four times more than our normal intake.

When it comes to drinks, I think ChengChuNaicha is nice with those little round balls with milk and sugar in it. Some of my friends advice me not to take too much because of its content, but I am already addicted to it now. It was introduced to me by a friend. It was a no-no because when I looked through the cup, I felt like I saw a lot oflittle round ballsmoving with tails and eyes.Well,those ballsmade me hesitate to have one then. I have to say sorry to my friends because it was my first experience with this drink and as I have mentioned before, I love it.
I have tried tofu of different types and I think they are nice as well. However, I haven’t tried stinking tofu yet. I heard that it tastes nice but it’s really smells bad. I have walked pass outlets where it is prepared stinking tofu, and honestly, I cannot stand the smell. I would love to try it before I leave Taiwan in July next year.


I am a Nicaraguan girl that has just arrived at Taiwan. To come to Taiwan has been my greatest adventure so far. Taiwan is completely different from my country: the weather, the food, the culture, and specially the language are poles apart. As I remembered, the first day I could not communicate with people outside the university. It was kind of frustrating because I was so confused and I needed a lot of help and almost no one could answer me as I wished. However, I realized that whenever I need some kind of help, the Taiwanese people tried to do their best to help, even though they just speak “a little” English.After few days, I felt that all my questions were answered.


Half a world away from my previous home I found a sea of new experiences, I meet so many new and beautiful things on an island that is three times smaller than my home country, and I've just been in three cities. Culture has an ancient history, possess priceless artistic and architectural treasures among them the society have coexisted in an exemplary way.
I've been here more than one month and have already made some Taiwanese friends who have proven to be people with a friendly character, they are respectful and expressive, sometimes a little shy but with a big heart, sometimes talks begins cause I need some help with transportation assistance, ordering food, or buying something. Sometimes the language is an obstacle for long talks but sign language helps us to continue the communication.
The life in Taipei is faster than that in Tainan, but in both places I found a helping hand, most people are quite reserved and sometimes they prefer to stay quiet but there are others who are interested in a foreign face and begin to talk right away.


My first contact with Taiwanese people was when I was in my Capital in Taipei Economic and Cultural office long before I was accepted by TaiwanICDF. I was completing all the necessary documents. There were only four or five peoples from Taiwan, and they were friendly. I didn’t have any language problems, and they explained all my inquiry about Taiwan, about TaiwanICDF Scholarship, authenticated my diploma after come-back to my country.
My first contact with Taiwanese people after arriving in Taiwan was in NTNU. There were some students from Taiwan. They were consular and helped us during first days in a new City on new Country. Most important thing that I saw was that people in Taiwan are much shorter than people in my country. I’m over 180 cm tall and in compare with Taiwanese people, I’m one of the tallest among them. It’s a little shock because people in Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Warszaw was much taller that people in Taiwan.


The Taiwanese people are the most kind, solidary, respectful, wise, and friendly people that I have ever met.
I have met people from different countries; there have been people that are respectful, wise, friendly and kind. However, talking about the more quantity of people together of a country, the Taiwanese people are the number one.


The sun rise and a new day begin. New day, new people to know, new streets to walk, museums to see, temples to understand and more, much more. It was the beginning to discover a millenary culture. Many questions have no response now, but I think, just for a while.
In the morning of my first day in Taiwan, I went to the nearest park around the university we stayed. The smell of the air was different, like the smell of the ocean, soft and deeply, like a perfume just in the time it vanishes.
At the same way I was walking, the motorcycles and cycles came faster and a big number of them came just in front of me, so I had to run away and got confused, like a child without the mother’s hand. That was the moment I notice that I have to wait the green light to cross the street.


I am very impressed of Taiwanese people! They are very innovative, kind, well organized, and honest. The virtues that I have seen in these persons are quite different from what I had seen in other countries I had visited before. They are excellent models to follow for me and for people from all countries.

My first semester in Kun Shan was a complete new experience for me. Coming from the other half of the globe where a University is but a fraction of the size of Kun Shan, where the most recent update in technology was probably in 1970, a place where almost year round the teacher go on strike. It is a huge change and a huge opportunity for me to be here. In my country, I would have never learned most of the courses that I took in my first semester. Experiencing a new type of education coming from a Taiwanese professor is probably the biggest shock I get every day. I never expected to be here and here I am.

In my first semester, I became amazed with the buildings Kun Shan has. The library, the technology building, and all the rest, are extremely beautiful. Every day I went to class I would stare at these buildings admiring their architecture and glamour. In my country there is not even one university that can compare to Kun Shan University. Another thing that amazed me was the classes. The classes had so much technology in them, from the speakers, to the projector; they are extremely fascinating and gorgeous.