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8. KSU

When I heard the word Typhoon the only thing that I thought was in total chaos, a very destructive almighty cyclone that devastates everything it touches, reaching high speed winds with tons of rain, taking off the trees from the ground and making the roofs of the buildings fly away.

Typhoon is the word that I will not forget in my life. I came from Saudi Arabia and we do not have storms or heavy rain. When my friends told me that Typhoon is coming, I thought that “Typhoon” is someone’s name p and I did not care about it. That’s the first time I heard about Typhoon.

I heard that a typhoon was going to pass through Taiwan. At first I didn't know what to expect from a “typhoon”. In my country we have hurricanes, which are devastating to both population and infrastructure. But here typhoons are somewhat common.

The Typhoon occurred on September 14th has been one of the most astonishing and terrific experience lived through my whole life; I had no idea what was a Typhoon about, I only did know that it is related or is a kind of similar with Hurricanes in some ways, because they are almost the same, so anyway I had to face up to it in the street when some of my classmates and me did come back from Mass at a catholic church in Tainan city; we were waiting for the line bus number two which covered Tainan city to An ping beach, we were sit on the bus stop about 1p.m., when suddenly started raining a pouring rain, at that time everything seemed to be normal, but so far no many minutes later a lot of gust of strong winds started to blow anything over there including all of us, we were really scared about it, because everything there looked like were going to fall down, then we saw the bus was arriving to the bus stop, but what a shame, It really did not stop because it was full of passenger so we had to walk in the middle of the rain and winds…I mean in the Typhoon, well actually in that moment the winds started to slow down little by little and we got to the school as soon as the speed of the wind rushes.

崑山大學在台南。它是一個小又好看的學校。崑大有很多外國人(包含我)。他們都從中美洲來,像是尼加拉瓜,巴拿馬…等等的國家。崑山有很多很好的地方,而我最喜歡的是足球場。它在新大樓後面。在全世界足球是最有名的運動。幾乎每個人都喜歡的。在美洲每個孩子都學習打足球。長大之後,足球便對他們和我很重要。他們每天跟他們的朋友們在學校裡面或是路上打足球。他們也看足球比賽像是西班牙同盟, 義大利同盟,世界盃。

在崑大,每個外國人(包含我),在每個週末打足球,因?我們從禮拜一到禮拜五都有課。當我們打著足球時,臺灣人在我們旁邊跑步或是在足球場的右半邊打棒球。我們每一次都打兩個多鐘頭的足球。我們也認識新的朋友,因?當我們打足球時,一些學生在旁邊看我們打。我們打完的時候發現他們想要跟我們?話, 所以我們去他們那裡跟他們聊天。而且我們想要我們的中文越來越好,所以我們跟他們試著說中文。

My name is Mario Alberto Sanchez Hernandez and I am from Costa Rica and my most impressive festival in Taiwan has been the “Dragon Boat” , because in this festival in Tainan the KSU's international students were a part of event, not only we were spectators but actors of so wonderful event also.

The most impressive Festival in Taiwan, for me I think that would be two of them; the first one the Chinese New Year and the second one the Dragon Boat Festival.

When I come to a foreign country or city there is usually just one way for myself to get to know the city in its structure and its lively culture I walk. I have been to some different cities around the world and in general I spent most of the time in just walking through the city with open eyes. I love it to walk and probably because of me being a student of architecture I am very interested in urban areas and of course buildings. I am convinced that I learn a lot through my walks due to the fact that by walking you see more things than in any other way – no matter if it is bicycle, motorcycle or car. With these vehicles you have to concentrate on the traffic and it’s impossible to pay the same attention to the city as by walking.

In February I came to Tainan and decided to start my normal way of exploring a city. But I soon realized that this is impossible here. For the first time in my life I had no space to walk. Either there were cars or motorcycles parking on the pavements or there was temporary shops which were blocking the way or there were simply no footpaths at all.

In Tainan most of the people go by car or by scooter. And the few people who are walking through the city simply walk on the street which implies that they are in a great danger because the motorised traffic doesn’t really care about them.

Hi, my name is Jonathon O'Brien; an ICDF student studying in mechanical engineering in Tainan County. My traveling experience is very limited, I must admit, as I have been in Taiwan for only one semester.

Before left Guatemala, I ask my self to me: What can it be so different betwen Taiwanese flavors to the Guatemalans flavors? and sincerely these are better than I imagined, in these four weeks that I've lived in Taiwan I have tried some Taiwanese typical meals and drinks, and although if it is certain that the flavors are not so equal to the flavors that i used to eat in my home country, I already like these flavors. Even that already I have had some surprises, for example a few days ago i went to have lunch to a restaurant near KSU wich has a name that i cannot read but we've called it “Chino Rico” , i saw in the menu a dish that looked like one of my favorite food in Guatemala, i thought that it was salty but it wasn't, it was a sweet one, and and cold one too, and then... a thought came to my head: as foreign “I must to have open mind” but i was so hungry, i order another one (rice with chicken), “ji rou fan” and even although is not a Taiwanese typical food.