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Upon receiving a scholarship to study international Master’s in Electric Power Engineering, I was so anxious to know more of Taiwan, its people, culture, language, rituals and overall its food. Before my departure from Belize, I had a surprise staff function with coworkers and friends who were just sharing their blessings to me and wishing me a great time with my studies in Taiwan.  A friend of mine who had the opportunity to do her Master’s in Taiwan as well told me to try snakes and I actually flinched with fear on my skin because I am not so fun of snakes.


Another day of great expectation was my feeling of encountering each day on an island which I believe is so vibrant and full of culture. Festivity was near and I was moving around with my entire body rotating through and an angle of 360 degrees because of my sudden excitement of wonder and curiosty. Taiwan was already beautiful and that alone took my breath away, my whole attitude of beauty change when its people were gathering to honor the day of the Moon. The streets are always full of life but a lot more people were advancing to meet their friends and family to honor the day. Many people were gathering near the corner of the street to bar.b.q, sharing laughters, and telling stories that once occurred in the past which impacted the people in a tremendous way.

This year I had the best time of my life during the Moon festival which I would love to share with you all. I discovered that the moon festival or known as Mid Autumn festival since it falls on the middle of autumn is one of the various activities of the festivals here in Taiwan. 
Full moon admiring and eating moon cakes are the main features of this festival. Traditionally the full moon has symbolized the family gatherings and so the Moon festival is also regarded as family reunion.During that moon festival, my good Taiwanese Friends and I were celebrating this festival with Moon cakes and tea. It was one of my best experiences while stayinghere in Taiwan and learnt lots of different cultures of Taiwan. I felt very much at home with my friends as it reminded me of family gatherings back in my home country.According to my Taiwanese friends, they said this is an auspicious festival when the full moon is out and will have the whole family in Taiwan involved. The Myth about the Moon is that when you look into the moon you will see a pregnant lady. Some saythere is a rabbit in it. According to the Taiwanese Mythology the moon represents the light during the night and it is a time for family gatherings. They would spend this event watching the full moon and play with the lanterns during this time of the year.

Learning Chinese was one of my personals goals at the time when I decide to come to Taiwan, but once I was here I realize the difficulty of this language, people say that for us is easier to learn English because some how are similar to the Spanish but what a surprise for me was to listen a completely different language in sound, no one word similar to my native language, but ok I understood that about Chinese, and thought, lets start from the beginning and then my Chinese teacher refuse to talk in English, so, if I had some question I said it in English but she start to explain in Chinese, I didn’t understand at that moment but now I am able to understand that the mind just is forced to work if its has the necessity, and in this case the necessity was created from the very beginning.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Roman Korimara. I am from Rep of Kiribati. My stay in Taiwan is almost one year now. I am here to work for masters degree in Electric Power Engineering. My University is in the south of Taiwan which is National Sun Yatsen University. During my stay in this university what perhaps surprises me the most is mainly Taiwanese people and the way they live their daily lives.  

Firstly, someday I walked around the city and I could see many people. These people are full of activities. A few days later, I walked around the same places; I saw the same thing again. To me it seems, everyday they are full of activities. What I realised the Taiwanese people are sorely using their time wisely and moreover in turn it will surely contributes to betterment of this country as I can witness today. Unfortunately this is very good experience because it teaches me personally.

Secondly, recently I saw most of the students in this university as they are always respecting their teacher. I do really appreciate them personally because in my country we are doing the same thing as well. What surprise me the Taiwanese people are not respecting only their teacher, but they are showing consideration for everybody no matter where are you from , believe me and I always says this.

My name is Edissa Jarjue and I come from the Gambia. I came to Taiwan to pursue a Masters degree in Electrical Power Engineering and also to learn about Taiwanese culture. Beside the studies I wanted to experience living in a country that has become an example to the rest of the world and has such a different culture. At the beginning the change was not really felt since all international students were together. However, when I arrived at my university, I started to feel real Taiwanese lifestyle and food.

My first surprise came when I took the KMRT Kaoshiung city to travel round the city. I saw that the people organise queue in a orderly and very convenient manner. This makes travelling by MRT very convenient. No matter how crowded a train station is, people are always patient standing in queues. Even if you are a stranger once you come into Taiwan, it’s easy to move around because there is never any scramble for anything. I later realise that this is part of live for the people here. In any public place your happen to visit, it’s the same. That is first have, first have.

The other thing is the use of Chop- stick for eating. Before I came to Taiwan, I saw chopstick on movies. At the time little did I know that I would be using it someday by myself to eat. It’s really amazing and I got used to it now. I have a special chopstick which I carry anywhere I go. The use of chopstick also enables me to interact well with the locals who really appreciate when they see a foreigner using chopstick.

After the pressure of the last exams we finally finished and we will start enjoying the summer. We fail the happiness in the cold faces. I and my family we have plans, trips everyone in my family has and put them together? Sounds awesome just to think about all the fun all my family had on the summer vacations.

For me and my family we had some fun as well. We didn’t go back to my country as many of our friends did because we wanted to enjoy staying in Kaohsiung. As a person who lives in Kaohsiung I seldom have the opportunity to enjoy staying in Kaohsiung because I was very pussy in my studding at the university. So we took this chance to enjoy staying in Kaohsiung.

We enjoyed a lot me and my family with the participation of the Taiwanese people a festive atmosphere with a Chinese New Year, where we visited several places to watch the scenes of celebration and candy was distributed in every place we go to him and impressed with the organization and the order of the streets, whether in terms of arranging cars and in terms of landscaping so we visit the Night Market and the manifestations were celebration in the media phenomenon of the atmosphere, outstanding exhibitions,

 A friend of mine invited me to celebrate the holiday with his family at Tai-chung. The fact that many people working in Taipei were returning home meant a very high traffic. As a result we had to leave very early in the morning to ensure that we have bus seats. At the bus station, a lot of people have already gathered. We were very lucky to get seats and this mark the beginning of the trip.

His family was very welcoming and treated me nicely. It was really great experience; I learnt much more of the Taiwanese culture during Chinese New Year than the past months I’ve lived here. I did not know how important the Chinese New Year is to the Taiwanese people. In fact I thought it was one-day festival. It’s amazing to learn that the lunar new year last for 15 days. Everyday passes with it own activity; the first day is for the welcoming of the deities of the heavens and the earth. The second day of the Chinese New Year is for married ladies to visit their parents and the fifth day is the lantern festival. This event marks the end of the Chinese New Year.



Before I arrived in Taiwan, I had a conversation with my friend who visited Taiwan before. I hear from him that the Taiwanese foods are fantastic. When i arrived in Taipei, i started to realise that what my friend told me about the Taiwanese food is absolutely right.


My experience in Taiwan as a whole has been really amazing. There are aspects in this experience that have been very tough to be use to. However my food experience is a real challenge. My classmates and I are still searching around campus for more restaurants with food close to my liking. I have a favourable dish that is called beef noodles. Fortunately for me, the restaurant is not far from campus. So I can pop in any time to have a good meal.