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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Roman Korimara and I am from the Rep of Kiribati, a small island located and floated in the South Pacific, north of Fiji Island. It has always been my aim to further my study in the engineering related area.
“Acquiring higher qualification does not mean the end of the road. I strongly believe the country where I came from needs a well trained engineer.”
When I first take a decision to come to Taiwan I always question myself of how is going to be my university? I am double of knowing that my university will fill all my expectation and if it will be really important in my professional future. When I arrived in Taipei, I start to see how things are different to what I normally see. The life here in Taiwan is so simple and easy, believe me, the people are so friendly, and on daily living the food is cheap and the transportation is very reliable. While we stay in Taipei, we had a tour to different places around the city. It was a great time for me to explore the different place with a different people and culture. What I saw sometime when I meet some people around places during our tour, they bow to us to show their respect. Personally it was impressed me because it tells me that the Taiwanese people are respecting each other no matter where are you from.      


I still remember the first moment you get off the plane as it is here where the story begins. The ICDF people we were to receive were super nice. And the trip from the airport to the facilities was a real expectation, as will the people of Taiwan? Iran Since we receive? And the answers were simply incredible. They helped us all that we ask more help, always kind.


My name is Edrissa Jarjue and I’m pursuing a master’s of science program in electrical power engineering at the national Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaoshiung, southern Taiwan. Back at home, I work for the national electricity company of the Gambia known as NAWEC. This company is responsible for the provision of both electricity and water services in the Gambia.


Sun-Yat Sen University is located in the southern city of Kaohsiung, the second largest one in Taiwan. It borders the ocean and its campus is isolated from the inner-city by a mountain. Actually, the university’s name in mandarin means “in the middle of the mountains”.

Hello, my name is Camilo Espinoza and I am studying a Master Degree in Electric Power Engineering at National Sun Yat Sen University in Kaohsiung Taiwan. Our Campus is located between the seashore and the mountain, is a very good and beautiful location. Everyday the first thing I see when I wake up and open the door of my room is the sea and you can also see the ships getting into the Kaohsiung port. From the roof of our dorms there is an excellent view of Cijin Island and the entrance of the Kaohsiung Port, lots of ships getting in and out everyday.

Inside of our campus we have a very beautiful beach, so any day of the week that I want to go to the beach I just have to walk a couple of minutes to get there. The whole university is surrounded by nature, lots of trees and monkeys. You can see monkeys inside of the campus quit often, sometimes even inside of our dorms (Really I am not joking).

Imagine it’s already December 2007, more than sixteen months since I am in Taiwan for my master’s studies in Electric Power Engineering at National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung. During the first months here, it was very difficult for me, though I took the decision by myself to join the ICDF program, to really imagine that I am going to spend two years so far from my country, by the fact that I visited many countries before but never for more than ten days outside the boarder of my dear Haiti. However, this experience should be undertaken.

Moreover, since I left school long time ago, it was not easy for me to believe that I can figure things out, but my will and by the sake of God, I finished by getting my cruise speed. Now, here it is, I have already sixteen months here, I start working on my thesis, it’s about wind power that should be in the future promoted in my country. So, special thanks to the supervisor of the ICDF program at NSYSU for his endless support. I hope to be one of those that will have to uphold the promotion of that kind of energy sources, because of the fuel cost escalation and due to environmental concern, when I know my country is not provided of natural resources like petrol for example.

When I took the decision of come to Taiwan I did it thinking that this was a great opportunity to improve my knowledge about Electrical Engineering but there is always the doubt of how is going to be my university, the doubt of know if my university will fill all my expectations and if it will be really important in my professional future.
When I arrived Taipei I found a very modern city full of things that we don’t have in my country like the MRT or the High Speed Rail, and I thought that I would like to know a little bit more about their functioning and all the problems that the Taiwanese Engineers had to face during the construction.
After two weeks in Taipei it was time to go to my university, National Sun Yat Sen in Kaohsiung and when I arrived I found a beautiful university located in mountain in front of the sea, but it was time to begin my classes.
At the beginning I saw a well done master program with 8 main courses, among these courses I have to take four and the other courses I can choose them from other Engineering programs until I complete the 24 credits necessary to finish the program.I can take courses related to Electric Machinery, Power Systems and Control.
During there first semester I had to choose my advisor and the laboratory that I wanted to join. Because of my background working in the Electric Power Distribution Company in Panama I chose to join to the Power Systems Application Software Lab. In this Lab I am beginning my research in Distribution Automation; I had the opportunity of visiting the offices of Tai Power and see all the things the have and which things we have to improve in my back in my country.

My name is Francisco Molina and I am pursuing the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at National Sun Yat-Sen University in the port city of Kaohsiung. I come from El Salvador. I have worked there for five years in a utility company in charge to manage and operate Salvadorian’s Electrical Power System.

About my stay at Taiwan, once one arrives to the university, it is asked to join any of the laboratories in the Power Electric area to develop the thesis topic. Basically due to my background, I joined the “Energy Management System” Lab. In here I am learning the tools to solve practical power system operation problems. So far I am studying techniques such as GIS (which is an information system capable of analyzing, sharing and displaying geographically referenced information), SCADA (systems typically used to perform data collection and control at the supervisory level), Automatic Control, Power System Security, among others. All these general themes will later be applied to more specific processes such as Economic Dispatch, Power Planning, Unit Commitment, etc. At this point, I am performing bibliography research and reading all previous research made in my lab as well as around the world.

As President of National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), I am very pleased to welcome you to browse the 9th issue of TICA newsletter. I hope that your online visit to this newsletter and our university will provide you with all the information you need, whether you are a student or scholar interested in the TICA programs, or just want to know more about our beautiful sea-side campus.

Established in 1980 at Kaohsiung, the second largest metropolitan in Taiwan, NSYSU has emerged over the years as one of the best comprehensive universities in the country. In 2002 NSYSU was named by the Ministry of Education as one of the country's seven major research-intensive universities. We are the leading national university in Southern Taiwan, and have set the benchmark for high standards in teaching, research, and internationalization. Our curriculum is well balanced to cover most disciplines in liberal arts, management, social sciences, engineering,

science, and marine science. It is the common aim of our faculty and administrative team to provide a well-rounded and memorable educational experience for all our students, undergraduate or graduate.

I thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter and visit us on the Internet, and hope to welcome you in person to our scenic campus by the Hsi-tze Bay overlooking the Taiwan Strait, where the breathtaking sunset accompanies our students and faculty in their daily pursuit of academic excellence.

It’s always difficult to someone to share its impression objectively on a country where he is so welcome, however I try to do my best to describe really my observation and what I feel since I landed here in Taiwan at the CKS international airport, august 23. My first impression was that the reality has been above all I could imagine before, and my first words are Taiwan is very marvelous, since day by day I have been discovering the vivacity and the hospitality of the people and its culture even a little bit.

We were very welcome by the staff of ICDF, I would be wanted myself to do not appreciate with all my heart all the worries they gave themselves to make us feel comfortable since the first day, either by their full assistance that they never neglected to provide us or by the arrangement they did to visit some special places like the nice and spectacular Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building with its ball-shaped damper at opened sky that anyone can see, Danshuei old street and the national palace museum with many former items. The two weeks we spent in Taipei was a great occasion for all of us to get acquaintance with other people with different cultures from different counties.