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“When are all these people going to sleep, and why are all these children not in bed at this time?”  I was thinking to myself. Then I thought no, wrong thought pattern, the question should be “when are we going to sleep? What are we doing in town at this time of the night! That is because I am there as well, walking up and down the street and admiring the beauty of it all.

Ta Jia Hao. It’s my first time visiting Taiwan (thank you for ICDF Scholarship). My name is Apriliani Siburian,I come from Indonesia, I’m a master nursing student in National Taipei University Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS). At the first time I arrived in Taiwan, I don’t expect that this country will be so nice. I’m totally wrong.

The main purpose for flying to this land was simply for the acquisition of knowledge and skills for my profession which is still at its infancy at this hour.  My hunger for information is insatiable thus perhaps my expectations here may be somewhat to some extant quite biased. I am enrolling at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences and I am rather taken aback with amazement by the extraordinary varsity education. At this level of the education ladder, the purpose for the lecturers is to point me towards the direction of the right information not the right direction of information, and guide me to a correct understanding of the acquired information thus equipping me with knowledge and skills for my profession.  As far as I am concerned, this aspect of education has been met to my satisfactory. The numerous site visits brings forth the chance to get the experience of meeting other professionals who are a tumult source of advice and information thus expanding students’ knowledge even further. Such experience gives students a preview of what to anticipate while on their near future careers.

I love my job! I always interesting that related with my job, education. Met and have discussion with many students in my college (STIKES ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia), sharing the knowledge and experience that maybe can inspire them.

In my opinion, teacher is not always “smarter” than their student. It just only the teacher learns about lesson for several years in advance than their student, so that is why the teacher has more experience. According to me, different country has different approach to apply their system regarding education. But generally, they are the same in principles; to give the valuable thing during the education process occurs, right?

I have always loved to study abroad, to change environment and experience life from an almost entirely different perspective. Thanks to the Lord and TaiwanICDF for having given me the opportunity to venture thus far to Taiwan. A country that inspires me in terms of development especially in the fields of education, healthcare and infrastructure.

To visit a foreign country, meet the people, enjoy the food, explore sceneries and experience the culture is not a new thing for me. Before I came to Taiwan I did some research and I found out that there are a lot of places to visit, the people are friendly, the food is completely different and there’s a rich and vibrant culture.

你好! Hello! My name is Efrain Uh and I made the decision to venture out of my beloved country Belize and experience the world because I have always believed that to study abroad or should I say “story” abroad is something that every student should do to help avoid ethnocentrism, to expand our horizons, and to appreciate everything the world has to offer. When I was notified that I had been granted Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) scholarship, I was overwhelmed by excitement, I had no idea how the country of my choice would be. The thought of studying abroad in a country like Taiwan, yes Taiwan, was overwhelming at first but the six months that I have spent here have proved to be an experience of a lifetime. Early September 2013 I stepped onto Taiwanese soil; onto the land of opportunity. This is my first year in Taiwan, and it is all new life to me but certainly Taiwan has already touched my heart in many ways. For instance, the tradition is something unique. The language is one the most beautiful and interesting on the globe. The natural beauty spread all over Taiwan is really enchanting. Besides all these factors, there are many other aspects of Taiwan which have touched my heart and attracted my attention to keep me loving it. I want to state only two major aspects here due to a word limit and that is: its people and its tenacity (stamina).

I am Sibonile Dlamini from Swaziland (very far right) and right candidate to write about homesickness. Overcoming homesickness is an ongoing process and I guess I will really never say I have overcome it as I am still trying to overcome it. If I were to stay in a foreign country for more than two years I would have to re invent my coping skills when it comes to overcoming homesickness. Homesickness hits hard in the first year. That's when you feel like you need to take the next plane home. It gets worse in the second semester though. Well I do not think one would say I have mastered  how to overcome homesickness because when you think you have everything in order and everything is going smooth there comes Christmas time, Easter holidays or just well celebrated holidays in your country it hits the hardest there. Whatever you do to overcome homesickness does not really last long but it helps to keep you sane.

Its twenty-eight (28) months since I departed from the Gambia - a West African nation with a population of about 1.7million according to the 2009 approximation.  The Gambia is known as “the smiling coast of West Africa”. The Gambia smiles to visitors; hence there is freedom in the air, security and tranquility swelling on the coast. Unique about The Gambia is its triple attractions: the sea, the sandy beaches and the abundant sunlight. However, the quest for higher academic degrees for better quality of life and significant and meaningful contribution towards national development, I  and many like me, had no much options but to leave our country and her warm-hearted people plus friends, family, loved ones and the entire culture to travel to South East Asia. Not just to travel to South East Asia but to the beautiful land of Formosa - Taiwan - a country which, in terms of total area twice as big as the Gambia but its population is about ten times as much.

Hi colleagues. My name is Helen Murdoch and I am from the peaceful island in the central pacific called Kiribati. Currently I am pursuing Master’s program in Nursing at the National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences. Master’s program is a very challenging program as it requires two most important things which are time and commitments. A master’s program is more challenging to me compared to undergraduates program because the fact that it requires one’s personal commitment. Moreover it is a self-directed learning therefore if students do not know how to cope with it may create pressure which may interfere with students’ progress.

There are a lot of assessments involved at Master’s program including exams, practical exams, assignments, presentations and more challenging is writing a thesis. Writing a thesis requires student to do a lot of reading, which is not a simple task to do. Consequently, I have to find strategies to cope with pressure I encounter in order to control the pressure I encounter from schoolwork and keep up with schoolwork. In doing so I will be able to fulfill my goal and that is to return home with higher qualification.

To begin with, I’m most confident that praying relieves stress and pressure. I am a Catholic and every Sunday I attended mass. I felt that attending church and praying really helped me to ease my mind and therefore able to cope with school work pressure. Attending masses is so much similar with meditation which helps me to relax the mind.

Secondly, sightseeing is another way of relieving pressure. Since Taiwan is a nice place with lots of interesting places to see, sometimes after church, I would go out with colleagues from my country to visit places such as the zoo. Apparently, doing something that you enjoy can take your mind off your work for as long as you enjoy yourself and forget about school work for a brief period of time.