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12. NTU

How do you see the night market culture in Taiwan

An experience in the night shared in night and day

Ihla Formosa (the beautiful Island) Taiwan can be considered an island with many faces. Inclusive of beaches lined with basalt cliffs, marble-walled gorges and tropical forests are just the start of a journey, which could take you from magnificent seductions mountains to a pulsing modern capital. With a dynamic and verse array of food culture, temple towns, hot springs villages and adventures of shopping and relaxation. Taiwan is one of Asia’s most diverse and friendly destinations. Without further intrigue into Taiwan’s outer beauty I must tackle why Taiwan touched my heart and how it can touch yours. As an Agricultural Economist and advocate of goodwill, I will focus on the macro-aspect of Taiwan’s People (Custom and Etiquettes), Education Horizon and Philanthropic Missions.

Until recently, I thought I was incapable of feeling homesickness. My over-active imagination would run rampant whenever friends complained of homesickness; I imagined myself as some sort of psychic who is incapable of experiencing this one vital human emotion. This does not bother me in any way, though. I see my friends become glum and morose towards the end of every semester with homesickness while I was perfectly content with the knowledge that I am going to see my family in 2 years. Now as the days of my student life comes to a closure on a foreign country, homesickness is no longer a stranger to me, even though I am much less affected of it than many others. Yet, I must admit I miss BELIZE and BELIZE misses me, but I know my country awaits me. Three mayor ways how I keep up the fight of homesickness A.K.A my 3 commandments are (1) stay in touch, (2) adjust to your surrounding (Taiwan) and (3) be yourself.

Firstly, stay in touch. This can be easily achieved by making friends in your new environment whether they're locals or visitors. This is the easiest way to love your new location. If you take the time to open up to others, you may learn that you've found a whole new group of people that you have so much in common with. Furthermore, you can learn from them to think differently and to be thankful for where you are and what you have become. Also, remember to stay in touch with the word of wisdom (God) no matter which religion you are. You can achieve this by attending church, devoting your time to volunteerism or simply joining a club. Wherever you go, you should try to act extra friendly; no matter how sad you may feel. This will make you more open to meeting new people and will make more people drawn to you. Make friends with some locals so you can appreciate the new environment, locals can guide you into a true native experience. Oh!! And never forget to always stay I touch with family and friends back home (Skype, text, Facebook or calls).


Away from home can be so hectic and stressful especially if you have never stayed away from home for more than one year, but in Taiwan I am home away from home. The elements of homesick are there since here it’s a different environment and culture. However, I have listed few ideas and activities on how I easily overcome the homesickness syndrome.

Culture Diversity

The program I am currently doing is an international program which defines itself in the name since there are many foreign students. This rich diversity of culture helps one to understand how other people live on other parts of the world. The language barrier is very interesting since most of us foreigners have different accents and sometimes have different meanings to whatever we are trying to express. I have never been alone most of the time trying to learn few sentences from different languages, we share study rooms and we mingle with local Taiwanese students too.

Living and studying in Taiwan has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have traveled all around Taiwan and the culture experiences are magnificent. Two of the greatest cities in Taiwan I have fallen in love with are Kaohsiung City and Taipei City. To be more precise National Taiwan University (NTU) located in Daan District, Taipei known as my home sweet home and Kaohsiung City the city that rocks.

When it comes to convenience and study life, National Taiwan University located in the Daan District of Taipei will be deeply missed upon my return home to Belize. NTU is located in central Taipei and it is a convenient and fun place to study. NTU’s main location is a large garden-campus in the centre of Taipei, easily accessible by public transport, within walking distance of two metro stations and well linked to the rest of Taiwan by modern, affordable rail transport. The access to student facilities such as library resources and computing make it a perfect combination. NTU Library is the largest library collection in Taiwan.

In today’s society all nations Unitary, Federal or Confederate share a common goal which is guided by its constitution. A constitution, thus, can be safely said to be a social contract between the government and the people it governs. Hence, it is any government mandate to carry out the affairs of the country in regards to good governance in reference to security and justice, education and technology. My views are based on achieving a comprehensive macroeconomic vision for Belize. These principles are practicable since Belize is a developing nation in comparison to Taiwan success.

Creating a safe and secure society and protecting people against major threats to their welfare are important functions of excellent governance. This was clear even to the creators of the Constitution of Belize, who quoted to “insure domestic tranquillity,” and “provide for the common defence” which was a major reason for our democratic system. Yet, there is a flaw in the system since there is a high rate of injustices and insecurity presently, inclusive of securing our borders from prominent territorial claims on our serenity nation. Belize should reform it’s justice and security laws in order to lessen the serious risks associated with such things as economic depressions, excessive inflation, loss of a job, dangerous workplaces, environmental pollution, lack of health insurance, retirement insecurity, dangerous products, serious illnesses or disability, bank failures, investment fraud, illicit territorial claims and  hurricanes. Government is often the only institution that can make these kinds of core political values a reality. Take justice, for instance. It is not usually something provided by the marketplace or created by the actions of individuals. More often it is something that can only be provided and sustained in the public sphere by the actions of government organizations like the courts and the legislatures. If we want a just society, we must work through government to get it. Government is often the only institution that can make these kinds of core political values a reality. Although murders rates are escalating in Belize I think we are still on time to become peaceful as Taiwan is. As per our neighbour Territorial claim I am sure our people will vote against the referendum.

Taiwan Political, Education and Transportation Systems that can be implemented in Swaziland


Taiwan is an Island in the South - East Asia and is amongst the developed countries in the world. The country has experienced fast economic growth over the last ten years and has become a superpower in the Asian countries. Moreover, the country has bilateral relationships with Swaziland and this has extended to the diplomatic ties which have realized the strengthening of political, economic, and social relations. Swaziland is a developing country, located in the Southern part of Africa completely surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique.

Political System

Taiwan is a multiparty democratic regime headed by a popularly elected president and a unicameral legislature. Taiwan's Constitution is based on Dr. Sun Yat-sen's three Principles of the people: Nationalism, Democracy, and Social Well-being. This system has led to good governance and service delivery for the upliftment of the standard of living of the Taiwanese people. Since Swaziland is led by an executive monarch without multiparty system hence is behind in good governance and accountability, therefore the system in Taiwan is highly recommended. These would lead to service delivery transparency knowing that if is there is no accountability during that particular term in office by that party, they will not be elected back to office after their term has expired. Rooting out corruption as evident in Taiwan can help Swaziland to learn the strategies used and will lead to poverty alleviation and economic development. Sound and strategic economic development policies can help develop Swaziland and lead to economic growth.

 I had long being interested in continuing my studies and Taiwan made that dream possible.  Embarking at National Taiwan University has been an adventurous navigation to success. Having been born and reared at a little unfledged town (Corozal Town) in the northern side of Belize C.A.; through a distinguished career of hard work and dedication I was looking for something exciting in my life. I am a sort of Renaissance man with keen interests in the Asian world. With only 3 months living in Taipei I can prove that it’s worth chasing the dream of being a scholar. This small and mysterious island has a lot to offer. I was attracted to the heart of Asia because of its vigorous economy and many opportunities for capacity development. Taiwan offers the triangular elements of success which are: a prospective of culture, a global link and skills development.

Brief Background

As a young student from rural area in Swaziland, I had a dream of pursuing my studies until I reach my doctorate. I chose the right courses, business accounting and my second option was agriculture. These fields have elements of providing sustainable economic development. The world needs finance experts and also agriculture economists for food security and food sustainability. The career in agriculture has helped me to not only look at the agricultural production but also to look at the agri-business sector.

Work Experience

My undergraduate programme in agricultural economics, which I finished in 2005 in the University of Swaziland, exposed me to the financial sector, having got a job in a development bank. In that bank I was assessing and disbursing loans and credit to agricultural enterprises, that’s where I got exposed to the outside world. I went to study for my diploma in SME’s management in Israel and that’s exposure encouraged me to start looking at other areas of furthering my studies. I resigned and got a job in the investments sector, actually marketing Swaziland to foreign direct investors, that’s where I got an opportunity to attend a business forum in Taiwan in 2010. I saw Africa students with the Embassy of The Gambia and asked how and what they were doing.

First, when you already decided what to study for a bachelor degree, master or phd studies, the second step is seeking the better and more specialized places where to study for, for me I guess is the first premise, tough. Indeed, in my personal case, for bachelor I study economy at UNAN (the national university of Nicaragua), since then, I always was interested in agricultural issues, for environmental, sustainability, development, etc. Therefore, Asia seems the best place to study for, why. Then, first let me show you some interesting data: after 1945, Taiwan founded a strategy having as a slogan, "developing industry through agriculture, and developing agriculture through industry". Although only about one-quarter of Taiwan's land area is suitable for farming, virtually all farmland is intensely cultivated, with some areas suitable for two and even three crops a year, but is really impressionist how Taiwanese don’t waste any space of land and any natural resource, Taiwan only is 36.000 km², well, but you can also say: But there’s other countries with a great development in agriculture… yes it’s true, but other issue is taken in count though. Taiwan is a country with a high spirit of hard work, high level of competiveness, productivity in all sector of the economy; it’s a safe country with developed transportation system and technology. The universities of Taiwan compete in the rank of worldwide as best universities.