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12. NTU

A good health condition is the primary goal for any individual to be successful. Health is a word with a significant meaning that can mean a lot for some, but time constraining for others, especially if you’re a student. Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living being. In humans, it is the general condition of a person's mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain. The practice of health in Taiwan is one of the utmost brilliant experiences I have had. Early in the morning to the twilight hours of the night there is always a momentum present to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Early in the morning you can see either a young man our old age individual practicing there Ubuntu, Karate, Kun fu our Chinese marital arts. The most funny of them all is that I live at NTU dorm and usually seeing Taiwanese student doing there funny morning exercise dance is a must. On the other hand, there are marital arts classes for free or at a minimal rate.  Another obvious health conscious practice is that each dorm has its own gym.  So an excuse for not being healthy is lame.  Students and the public usually attend their basement gyms or bigger multipurpose sport complexes to swim, dance, or play a sport of their choice. Upon my visit to the National Taiwan University Hospital, I notice that many people were processing the yearly checkup, inclusive of blood pressure, glucose level, weight etc. which clearly indicates that they enjoy being healthy. The national health insurance system in Taiwan and the numerous health providing institutions are defiantly working hand in hand, in the pursuit of best health practices.  Ohh! The choices of food are great (buffet style 365 days). The food choices usually consist of a balance diet of vegies, fruits, staples, meat and bread. The above are just a few physical health practices seen by myself. This has made me more health conscious, to live a longer life.

 Currently I am studying a Master's degree in agricultural economics from National Taiwan University (NTU), better known as "Taida" (台大). Study in Taiwan has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life so far. Not only the fact of acquiring new skills in my field that complement both my professional experience as an agricultural economist, but also a rewarding and exceptional opportunity to experience an ancient culture and different like Taiwan, sharing knowledge and life experiences with people from around the world and broaden my intellectual and personal growth.

The National Taiwan University (NTU) is the most prestigious university in Taiwan. NTU was founded in 1928 by the Japanese during the Japanese colonial era which was better known as Taihoku Imperial University. The main campus is located in Taipei's Da'an District and has an area of 1,086,167 m2. In addition, the university has 6 other campuses in Taipei and elsewhere, with a total area of 345,830,000 m2, which together represents a little more than 1% of the territory of the country!

August 28, 2011 at 11:35 p.m. I host for the first time the soil of Taiwan! When I was retained by the ICDF scholarship program, one of my relatives told me: "ah, but you must love the adventure you!" Indeed, this person is right, I like adventure. I like discover, and I was excited to go and study in a country that I did not have much information, except that it is an island that has a beautiful landscape. And I thought that in this country, I would have much to discover about the people who live there, their culture and practices. Since my arrival, I realized that every day I spend here I learn something new on Taiwan. I will try to enumerate some of which I think is the most significant.
Definitely, Coming and be in Taiwan has been a completely adventure, since i was in International Airport of Nicaragua and during all trip that last 32 hours! That was just the beginning. When arrived to Toayuan Airport, I began seeing characters I got nervous and happy thinking that I will be able to study and in the future might read them and understand them. All tiredness disappears when I saw through the window the streets and building and the evidence development that Taiwan has reached.  I realize I was already in a culture completely different, my first place to visit was the Army Hospital, I suffered a fall and twisted my ankle, I felt so unfortunate, but when I was attended for the doctor and nurse and staff of ICDF I didn’t feel the distance from my hometown, in exactly that moment I knew I will never be alone in this country with this amazing people. When I went out to buy my first meal, was kind of difficult and embarrassed, of course, everybody that came to Taiwan, want to try traditional food, so I went to a restaurant that look like very reprehensive of the culture, but, when I got the Menu all was written in Chinese! So I didn’t have another option to leave and go to McDonald, where also was a difficult to order, due his English was not fluid enough or maybe mine. Now, when I go to any place, order chicken, pork or beef to me it’s amazing, just almost three months has passed and could say some words and most of all, when people can understand me it´s just awesome. I feel so proud of it.
Hi my name is David Fernando Pineda Pinto. I come from Honduras, Central America. At this time I am around 15,000 kilometer from Honduras, far away from home. Very close to midterms examinations, in front of my computer at my study room writing this submission.
Taiwan as it is well known by many countries around the world is a very peaceful country compared to other nations. This country and my own country The Gambia had consolidated an excellent and a cordial diplomatic relationship among themselves.


Western mentality of Asian thin looking is one of the things we can prove it wrong as soon as we got to Taiwan.As a man, I was not paying too much attention to some kilograms more or some kilograms less, but I heard many opinions from the other side, female.
There is still on my nose, like a smell memory, the first meal I had when I got to Taipei, it was a lunch box that counselors in Shida were buying for the ‘new ICDF arrivals’ and I hated it. It was this strong rice and garlic smell, with a black boiled egg, meat and some fried vegetables.



Taiwan eating is considered a hobby. Taiwanese cuisine derives from different parts of China and also aborigines. There is a large Fu-jian, Hakka, Guangdang, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan, and Beijing influence. Kind of like a melting pot of various cuisine from China.


My first year and new life in Taiwan started with amazing experiences, like the Welcome and Farewell Dinner by TaiwanICDF, the beginning of one history out of my country, many expectations about: food, life style, new friends, knowing more about Taiwan Culture and experiences of the people here. Besides, learning a wonderful language which is so difficult, like writing and of course the 4 tones of pronounciation of Chinese Language, and doing the courses of my Master.
I was thinking that Taiwan is so different and strange in comparison with my country (Nicaragua) but it isn’tTaiwanese people are kind, friendly and help me all the time that I fall lost in my college or even in the streets, now I feel like really Taiwan Touch my Heart and here is My Second Home.

Haven stayed in Taiwan for over one year, this is my second time experience this great festival called ‘moon cake festival’. It is an experience that is worthy of penning down for the rest of the world to learn off. My first year experience was more enjoyable than that of this year because I was taken to a restaurant by the former project manager to have a great deal of experience on the festival as opposed to this year were I was just handed a pieces of moon cakes. Please read through to have a better understand of how moon cake festivals are celebrated in Taiwan. The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which usually falls around late September or early October. In 2010, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Wednesday, 22 September 2010. The traditional food of this festival is the moon cake, of which there are many different varieties across different countries.
The festival dates back over 3,000 years to moon worship in China’s Shang Dynasty. It was first called Zhongqiu Jie (literally “Mid-Autumn Festival”) in the Zhou Dynasty.