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12. NTU


The beautiful tropical Island of Taiwan is situated off the southern coast of mainland China. Taiwan has a population of over 23 million. Most of her populace is originally from the southeastern Coastal province of Fujian and Guangdong. The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and Heluo is also widely spoken. The most popular foreign language in Taiwan is English.
Moving around Taiwan, I have observed four great qualities of Taiwanese people which has no doubt contributed to their successful achievements. Taiwanese are hard working, honest, friendly and put great efforts to improve their physical fitness.


Taiwan is one the advanced Countries in the World in terms of development. The development started after world war two, when the Island was devastated by the war. With the Technical assistance of the US Taiwan graduated from a poor recipient country to now a donor country.
The first impression I had when I just came is the discipline I found in Taiwanese people, which is manifested in many areas in their daily activities. For example when waiting for buses while traveling, they will queue without noise. They are also polite to foreigners when they meet up in public places, especially when a foreigner is asking them questions when trying to locate a place in Taiwan. They will have the patient to explain to the person or even sometimes volunteered to go with the person up to the place and show him or her.


In my preparations to come to Taiwan I was bombarded with impressions and advice from all walks of people who have been to Taiwan: the Taiwanese who serve at the embassy, the officials who have been on stately visits, the business man who has been to trade shows, even the students who have paved the way for me and one thing all of these snippets of advice resounded in common was that “they are really nice people”. “Ha!!” I kept on thinking because I really expected no less from any one of them. You’re supposed to say these things I thought, who would admit publicly that a particular race or people were selfish, superficial, and rude or even the dreaded racist. I decided then that I would just ignore all of that and board the plane with an open mind.



I have been in Taiwan for over a month, and I already had the chance to get to know a little bit about Taiwanese people. I met Taiwanese people for the first time during the orientation for ICDF, and since, I have met Taiwanese people in my university, especially the students in my department. I have also been in contact with Taiwanese people in the streets, the metro, the night markets, etc.

As many may know, Taiwan is located almost equidistant from Japan and Korea to the north, the Philippines to the south and mainland China. This makes Taiwan a perfect lunch point or further traveling in Asia. With its area of 35,801 km² (13,822.8 sq mi) Taiwan has highly diversified environments where we can see sunny beaches, forested mountains, agriculture countryside and highly active cities (www.Wikipedia.org).

Taiwan is a small beautiful East Asian country located off the cost of Mainland China and south west of the main islands of Japan. The island is also known as Formosa meaning beautiful island and this is fitting because the island is mainly mountainous with natural forests which add to its beauty. It is also surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. The people are also beautiful with their ever happy smiles and warm hospitality.

I came here to study for a master degree in Agricultural Economics at National Taiwan University (NTU) situated in Taipei city which is the capital of Taiwan.

Yeah ….. I find this topic really whirred…. And finds it difficult to start since friendship has to have a connection; with nature, people, place, events and so on, to bring the whole picture of the writing. As such, my writing is focused on making Friendship in Taiwan with people around you.