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12. NTU

It was my third week in Taiwan and I was just adapting to my new environment in a new land . A land of a vast difference to what I have known all of my life.

I was sitting in the cafeteria having my lunch and just observing my surroundings and the people as they went about with their lives, eating, laughing, chatting, or trying to study amidst all the hustle and bustle that took place during the lunch hour in the cafeteria.

The word “Typhoon” sounds threatening and indeed it is for anyone who has ever experienced a typhoon, most especially for the first time. My first typhoon experience in Taiwan is one of my memorable events during my stay in Taiwan so far.

Hola (Spanish) I’m from Honduras, my name is Maria Elena Tejeda, but my friends use to call me Malena. I am studying at the NTU; I have jointed the College of Agricultural Economics about one month ago.

I have now experienced many Typhoons in Taiwan, it seems as if the beauty of the island of “Formosa” is alluring not only to curious human visitors, but even nature herself cannot resist the temptation of unfortunately visiting Taiwan and unleashing it’s force.

Despaired as it may seem from the fact that I was oh - so far away from home and into the uncertainty of a new but yet another wonder of somewhat a different environment – none compared to any place I have been to. The moment I was accommodated into this impressive university; I thought to myself how it would make me feel at home. Leaving my family and the very simple Island life and bringing me here by some good fortune to this sophisticated standard of living that most would want to be a part of. Fortunate as it may seem but unfortunately the heart could not withstand the burden of adjusting, not for an instance!

My curiosity brought me to a location; an instant center of attraction I would say because the moment I sat eyes on this very place it besieged me and brought me to understand for a wee moment that really there was a meaning to everything. The surrounding for one is a soothing tool to the burden I was already experiencing and truly enough I was instantly been relieved for some reason. Why? ... The Drunken Moon Lake as it is famously known displays a simple architectural wonder of landscaping as its surroundings has a natural touch. The singing birds for one, the swaying trees that surround it and the different types of fish that swim in it somehow reflect the very essence of nature so how could a person like me just ignore the opportunity of just spending some time around this lake to witness what it offers. Indeed it is moments to treasure for this beautiful location offers somehow a refreshing and solace sentiment for the heart and mind that is and will be wounded.

I call it the Kamikaze Park, this is definitely not the real name for this area, but there is an old Japanese warplane that sits silently nearby. What makes this area the most beautiful spot at my University is not the place itself, it is an ordinary looking flat open space lawn, and there is nothing spectacular about the scenery. But it is the people that visit this place that makes it come to life.