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15. MCU


They are really nice!!!
When we think about the Chinese race in Latin America we tend to generalize a lot of concepts. We think they are really smart and that the language is really complicated and there are even some nice jokes about it. The truth is when you approach to the Taiwanese people they are the nicest persons you could ever meet. If you look lost the Taiwanese will come to assist you immediately even if they can’t speak English, they will find a way to help you. When I first came here and I find myself walking with my friends on the street we realize a lot of Taiwanese keep looking at us curious about us, looking our movements but specially hearing our language. Even if they don’t understand what we are saying they love to hear us speak.

          While the pressure of the last exams finished and the beginning of the summer was coming we could feel some heat coming to our cold faces on those magical days when you have all the time in the world. Can you imagine the dreams, plans, trips everybody has and put them together? Sounds awesome just to think about all the fun all my friends had on the summer vacations.

           As for me I had some fun as well. I didn’t go back to my country as many of my friends did because I wanted to enjoy the island and know it completely, from North to South. As a person who lives in Taipei I seldom has the opportunity to go to the South unless is for vacation so I took this chance to go with some of my friends and I visited some of the coolest places in Kenting, Kaohsiung and Yunlin.

Is very interesting to think about the first time you make everything, like the first time you walk or your first teeth and what about your first kiss, I am pretty sure those are the kind of memories that you keep on your mind. Well for me the first typhoon I have ever experienced is something just like that, I remember that day and most probably I remembered it so well because it was recently.