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       At first, I had no intention to write this article, but my roommate taught me something which has inspired me to write this article. Well, as you go through the title, the first thing that comes to your mind might be of Taiwanese culture, specialties of Taiwan for instance the travel attraction, the food and whatsoever that you can think of about Taiwan. However, none of the above mentioned would be included in my article.  Instead, my article is going to discuss my roommate's attitude in achieving his goal.

       Let's start by introducing some background profile of my Taiwanese roommate from Taitung City.  He is a second year master student of Graduate Institution of Photonics and Optoelectronics in National Taiwan University.  He looks like a typical Chinese and his height is around 180cm.  His hobbies are photography and cycling.  Sometimes, he would show me some of his photography works and share the story behind them with me.

It is my third year in Taiwan now, times flies so fast. There is lots of things that I still curious about this beautiful place.  

As a foreigner, when the first time I arrived in Kaohsiung airport I felt so lonely and always worry that I can survived or not.  I'm worrying how to get new friends, since I do not know anybody in Taiwan.  However, I met lots of nice people here, my department office staff, dorm-mate and also classmates.  

Hence, I joined international program, I just have view Taiwanese friends in class.  But I have several friends from my lab-mates.  We meet every week during the study meeting class. They are very nice people; they always teach us how to speak simple words, especially for buying a food and other stuff. Else, without and hesitations they introduce about their culture and guide us to some hospitality in Taiwan.

The latest thing that they taught me was how to cook Tang Yuan Soup.  In the first day of winter usually they has winter party, which is eat Tang Yuan soup together with their friends or family.  Actually it is not the first time to me to eat Tang Yuan.  I ate that several times before.  But I never make it by myself,  just bought it from the store.  However last week, my Professor invites all her students to cook and eat Tang Yuan together.  It were the first time for me.  

I have learnt a lot from my Taiwanese classmates, they have taught me about some few Taiwanese culture and the holidays celebrated here in Taiwan.  I actually learnt about the moon festival which is around September or early October and that here in Taiwan the celebration of the new years is different from the way we celebrate our new year

The Chinese new years is celebrated between the 30 of January and February 20, which of course surprised me a lot.  My classmates have also taught me about the places around here in Taiwan the climates, that in the southern part of the country is more warmer than the northern part of the country around Taipei and have been telling me about some few places I should see here in Taiwan before I leave, like the Taroko national park, the view of the Taipei 101, and the traditional temples in Tainan, which I have been there before and was really nice, and Kenting as well.  They have been suggesting that I go for it during the spring time as it is so nice in those season and we also close from where we are here in Pingtung .

I enjoyed my stay in Tainan and see the beautiful temples there. Some of my classmates are always inviting me to their home town so that they can show me the beauty of their home town and what they have which I am looking forward to as I am going to be learning more about the places around and their culture as well from the different places and  parts of the country.

When I was a child, I dreamed that one day I would study abroad.  Fortunately, my dream came true. Four months ago, I moved to Taiwan – (Ilha Formosa) is a beautiful island country in East Asia to pursue my doctoral degree.  I could still recall many moments when I was struggling for certainty, confidence, and competence as well as questing for my identity.

My experience was not unique to many Taiwanese friends.  For in my educational advancement, Taiwanese friends helped me to find ways to reduce uncertainty in order to make a smooth transition to the new Taiwanese environment.  For instance, I recalled one incident,“Moving far away from my homeland to a new country, without family and friends being around, to face the challenge of loneliness and establishing a new friendship network.  When coming to a foreign country most people tend to look for their countrymen first for socialization (I realized after few days I don’t have any countrymen) but I got love and confidence to survive in this new globe (Taiwan) after interacting with friends specially, Taiwanese friends.  Generally, I’ll forget my loneliness if I see Taiwanese innocent face saying the word 謝謝”.

"If youngsters have no dreams, the country has no future".

       My name is Tumentsetseg Enkhjav from "Land of the Blue Sky" Mongolia, a country of about 1.6 million sq. km and a population of about 3.0 million is the world's most sparsely populated country.  I have been accepted for a scholarship in the Master Program for International Human Resource Development program at the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and I have been considered myself to be a representative of Mongolia in Taiwan because people see me as not just an individual person but they see me as a Mongolian. That is why I am still gaining tremendous opportunities such as making new friends who come from all over the world with different cultural background and we are everyday sharing our expectation, cultural values and life experiences.  I see that this incredible opportunity is the one way to open the door to reach "Future success" and "Developing diplomatic relationship between the countries".

Taiwan is like my second home.  The foods, weather, people, culture, etc, none of them is new or strange to me.  This is the second time I came to this beautiful island and everything is normal to me.  Now I live in Kaohsiung, a port city in the southern part of Taiwan, for more than a year and found out that this city is more comfortable and relaxing when talking about weather.  I lived in Taipei for 7 years and the cold and rainy weather during winter always made me unsettled and uncomfortable.  On the other hand, people live Taipei and Kaohsiung does have their own way of life.  Relaxing, smiling and socialized people in Kaohsiung made me feel more at home compared to busy and serious- looking people in the north, Taipei.

The language is the main factor to overcome homesickness.  Hardship and difficulties in communication with local people would add social pressure on you which can lead you to remembering your family or friends and missing your home country badly.  Sometimes you feel isolated or ignored when you cannot speak probably to locals or fully understand what they said.  Making friend with local and get along well with them requires a good communication.  My Mandarin now is acceptably good and I have made lots of good Taiwanese friends as well as some from other countries.  Hangout with them, talking and sharing jokes with them eradicate homesickness feelings completely. I sometimes consider themselves as my family members.  My country mates in Taiwan are also my good and close friends and we are like big family here.  I feel so blessed and special to have such good friends in my lives.

Taiwan, yes of course, the place that right now, where I continue my study is the island that has a lot of memory and history. Actually, my country, Indonesia is the archipelago too. But, here, in Taiwan, is different, the people, the culture, and the cuisine that almost different with my country ever. In the beginning of my coming to Taiwan, I got a lot of cultural shock, because everything is so different. Day by day, I ever passed, I began to find my comforts. Even though I was having a problem of homesickness, but because of the friends, the environment so friendly made me more comfortable to live in Taiwan. When I got a homesickness, the first thing to do is Traveling. Why? Because when you go to other place and know the culture then you would love it and experiencing a new ones that you never got it before. Here I came, then the first plan that I had was travelling, yeah, travelling, that I had dreamt of, not only study in the campus but also knowing the culture is Taiwan is the must. I tried to begin my journey to the nearest place, Sandimen. Sandimen is located in Pingtung County. I just wondered that Sandimen is the village of indigenous people of Taiwan. If It was being rooted to the ancestor, that They were part of Austronesian people, they had a lot similarities with us, instead of their skin color, their face, and some words, like lima or five (in english), bahuor shoulder, hujan or rain, and other words. I felt like home already.

If we talk about homesick, I actually have not fully overcome the homesick. I have not fully feel at home living in a new place far from my relatives, with different situation in culture, food, language etc. But at least I've felt much more comfortable than when I first came in this country, 3 months ago. I actually do not have any special tips, how to reduce or even eliminate homesick. In this paper I will only write about my experience, to make feeling homey stay in the place that is far from my family.

I am 43 years old , come from Indonesia and I am the head of the family, from small family (Wife and 1 doughter, she is 9 years old). In August last year, I succeeded to get a TaiwanICDF scholarship to study in Taiwan. That was encouraging news for me and for my wife. It is pride, can pursue studying at the Overseas, at the famous university, with reputable scholarship, Taiwan ICDF scholarship . But it was not good news for my daughter, because I could not bring my family to live together in Taiwan, and that means I have to separate them for a very long time. She was devastated by my departure to continue the study to Taiwan. Even to this day, she always wears my clothes before going to bed, because of miss me. You can imagine how very difficult for me, my wife, my daughter of course, to deal with this all .

If we talk about places in Taiwan I will miss after returning to my country (Thailand).  Of courses, I will miss my university with is National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST). Firstly, I would like to introduce about NPUST. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) was founded in 1924 under the name of "Kaohsiung State Pingtung Extension School of Agriculture." Subsequently in 1928, this school was expanded and renamed as "Kaohsiung State Pingtung Agricultural School". After Taiwan was liberated from Japanese colonial rule in August 1945, this school again changed her name to "Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Agricultural Vocational School of Agriculture" in November of that year. This school was then upgraded to "Taiwan Provincial Institute of Agriculture" in 1954, enabling a subsequent integration of this Institute with the Pingtung Agricultural Vocational High school in 1963. After this integration, the Institute went through a series of upgrades and name changes, including "Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Institute of Agriculture" in 1964, "National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture" in July 1981, "National Pingtung Polytechnic Institute" in July 1991, and then the "National Pingtung University of Science and Technology" in August 1997. Currently NPUST has a total of 27 departments and 32 graduate institutes offering Master's degrees and 8 Doctoral programs. These departments and graduate institutes are distributed among four colleges: agriculture, engineering, management, and humanities and social sciences.