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My name is Tam. I am a second-year master student at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. I graduated from Danang University of Technology in Vietnam in 2008. After graduation, I worked for Construction Company for one year given the five-year knowledge in university. The demanding job not only enhanced my analytical competence but also rewarded me for hands-on experience.

Above all, one of my desires is to convey the knowledge what I have attained to students. Therefore, I decided to become a university lecturer. That is also the reason why I have changed my job and worked for Danang Architecture University. From then on, I clearly realized that I had needed more advanced knowledge and skills to fulfill my goal. Besides, the research conditions in Vietnam are too difficult to brainstorm many brilliant ideas. For this reason, I was thinking of pursuing an advanced education. I considered Taiwan as my first choice because of some following basic reasons.

First of all, I would like take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) for giving me the scholarship to purse my Masters in Electric Power Engineering at National Sun Yet-sen University (NSYSU)  in Taiwan.  Without ICDF Scholarship I would not be here in this beautiful island.

The education and teaching quality  is the second reason why I chose to study in Taiwan.  Taiwan universities have been improved a lot in recent years.  One example is National Taiwan University ranked as one of top 100 universities in the world.  The school environment and facilities are fantastic.  Professors and supporting staffs are hardworking and talented.

Technology advancement is another reason to come and study here.  Taiwan high-tech companies have kept improving and competed with other local and global counterparts.  Competition and innovation are the main forces to push them forward.  Acer, Asus, HTC, TSMC, plus others are among the well known Taiwanese high-tech companies and brands in the world.

My journey from home to Taiwan all began when a friend sent me a memo by email that Taiwan is offering scholarships and that I should give it a shot by applying. At that time I was already working and making plans to start a course at a local university on the island. At first, I knew little about Taiwan, its people and culture. I only knew the political link it has with my country from witnessing its many aid programs that started quite a number of agricultural projects on the island. So, upon receiving the memo from my friend, I decided to learn more about Taiwan and its education systems; and what I found impressed me.

Much of what I knew about Taiwan at first all came from reading about it on the internet and in promotional pamphlets. Apart from all these, it is also common knowledge on the island that Taiwan is well technologically advanced for its size and it is mostly due to this reason that I chose to apply for the Mechanical Engineering program offered by Taiwan ICDF.  With most developing countries in need of engineering professionals, this could be the chance needed by many to start up a career in this field.

Furthermore, there were the scholarship scopes to consider. The Taiwan ICDF scholarship scheme is a very good one. I read more about it at that time I was considering to apply and the terms are agreeable. It covers everything from travelling costs, tuition fees, accommodation and even stipends for everyday personal needs. It’s just amazing!

It is firstly all about pursuing your goal, your dream and becoming that person who you wanted to be in the future.

But above all it is about coming and going back to my country to help my nation build a better brighter future and to tackle the issue of food security with regard to the changing weather patterns or to be more specific, “Climate change”.  

It was always been my dream to travel abroad to a developing nation like Taiwan  to pursue my goal for further studies,  to observe the different level of education here  and to learn far more new innovations.

However, before leaving and coming to study in Taiwan, I could not make up my mind and it was not an easy decision to make especially to travel to a destination far off from home. I took sometimes to think about it and finally I came up with a positive outlook with the encouragement of my family, my friends and all those who were always there for me, I accepted the offer and I came.

Therefore, I would like extend my sincere gratitude to my family, friends for their kind support and I.C.D.F for funding my scholarship and above all I would like to thank the Almighty God for offering myself this great opportunity, truly He is a Good God.

When I got the application form and saw how long the doctorate degree program is, that hooked me in and wanted to pursue my studies in Taiwan.  Frankly I have very little incentive to pursue further study as for one, I am over the age that I personally thought is suitable for an active mental discipline.  Secondly, the retiring age in my country, Kiribati is 50 years and calculating the many years that I will spend in school again will eat up all the little remaining years that I have.

However, what really drives me into going back to school life once again is the maximum qualification requirement (MQR) that I had set for the workforce for the position that I am currently holding.  My job at home is the Director for the entire Agriculture Department (AD) and a few years back our Public Division Office (PSO) calls for all Ministries to restructure their Department organizations along with setting the MQR for each position in the organization.

After my appropriate consideration about study abroad, I decided to explore the paradise small island, Taiwan, located on the Northwest of Thailand. The country’s size is similar to the province’s size of Thailand. I never regretted on my decision because I am interested in research opportunities and Taiwanese cultures. Moreover, I have a passion for Mandarin language. I always think that I made a right decision. Therefore, I chose to study Ph.D. program at the Department of Tropical Agricultural and International Cooperation (DTAIC), majoring Agribusiness Management at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST). This university is the biggest area and well-renowned university in Agricultural study in Taiwan.

The main reasons that I selected Taiwan for study abroad are the quality of classical Mandarin education and the research opportunities in agricultural field. The research opportunities here are close to my studied field. Since agriculture plays an important role to the Thai economy and labor forces, my research will surely be useful and benefit to the agriculture sector in Thailand. An extra bonus as the perspective of the international student here is the openness and readiness of Taiwanese education system for the purpose of harmonizing and integrating many cultures of the students from all over the world. Learning from my classmates, I got a glimpse of study experiences in places as diverse as El Salvador, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Gambia, etc. My program also has local Taiwanese students who are the friendliest characteristics that I have ever met. Life as international student at NPUST has been filled with the intellectual spirit of this diverse and affable student body.

I still remember when I decide to continue my study in abroad. This is very rare opportunity and I am sure, by pursuing master degree in other country, I can broaden my mind, experiencing new cultures, interacting with those with a background different from your own, seeing a different way of life, encourages independence, and experiencing the way other peoples do things.

Before I came here, Taiwan, all of my friends also asked about it. Why do you choose Taiwan? I said because Taiwan is one of developed country in Asia instead of Japan and South Korea. Taiwan HDI is categorize as a very high human development index. On the other hand, Taiwan has an advance technology in biotechnology and food processing instead of electronic technology. Biotechnology and food processing are the field study that I would like to take for my master degree. Other than that, Taiwan has widely known for herbal medicine knowledge and experience. Taiwan is also one of the producer for many food processing machine. Otherwise, Taiwan has many world-class research facilities. The research facilities in the university is equipped with the latest technology. I have heard from my friend that, in Taiwan you do not need to worry about Thesis or dissertation project. Because, you will have so many options to choose as your project. Teacher and professor here, is also open minded and really helpful. They will help you to adapt and achieve what you want. 

Furthermore, Taiwan is also abundant in capital and very stable in economic. This country is also peaceful and safe to live in. You do not need to much worry about criminality. This place is where Asia's most vibrant venture capital industry. It is very important because I will go back to industry or private sector. So, I can learn how they work and manage their business.

My Name is Korawit Chaisu, bachelor degree graduated from Maejo University, Thailand and master degree graduated from National Pingtung Technology and Sciences (NPUST), Taiwan. I am currently studying Ph.D. degree in food-biotechnology at NPUST, Taiwan. The reasons I chose to continue my study in Ph.D. in Taiwan because it has one of the best educational system which provides students fully knowledge along with professional research skill. Moreover, studying at NPUST can fulfill my special interest in Microbiology and the benefits of microorganisms such as the plastic-degrading microorganisms in agriculture field by high-tech equipment. I believe that studying in Taiwan can develop a higher level of research which will be benefit for environmental treatment in Thailand. If I have opportunity I usually attend the international conferences to exchange and learn new knowledge from scholars.  

Hi! My name is Mary Meita and I come from a small island nation in the South Pacific region called, Kiribati. I am currently a second year IMBA student at National Tsing Hua University, and I want to say that having the chance to study in Taiwan is the best opportunity I have ever had.

The idea of choosing Taiwan for pursuing my Master’s Degree study in Business Administration came to my mind back in early 2011 while I was still working with the Government of Kiribati. There are a number of reasons that encouraged me to choose Taiwan for my further studies. First, is the lack of proper tertiary institutions (i.e. universities) which can offer a wide choice of courses and programs, to absorb the fast growing population of educated individuals, wanting to further qualify themselves for better jobs. As a matter of fact, this is one of the major reasons why many “higher education seekers “ in my country leave or migrate to other overseas countries, for the purpose of finding good education.  As for me, I personally believe in acquiring quality education, and from what I learned from my country mates who had studied in Taiwan, not only does Taiwan provide advanced and quality education, but it also has a friendly environment and society. It is a secure and safe place with a very rare violent rate, making it the best place for foreign students to study. 

I chose to further study in Taiwan, specifically National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), because the Institute of Information Systems and Applications department accepts people from different background such as biology and other non-engineering fields. This would allow me to collaborate with people from other fields during the postgraduate study. In addition, Taiwan has a very high internet penetration rate and high speed broadband is easily obtainable. A lot of foreign and local Information Technology companies have set up their bases in Taiwan. I can foresee the possibilities that we might be able to work together with the related companies in the industry and avoid diverting too far from reality during research.

Taiwanese are very open-minded to foreigners. Usually they are curious about foreigners and more than willing to offer guide when needed. It is touching to know that the government of Taiwan has been operating a lot of projects in agriculture and education to the countries which have diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Scholarships are one of the assistance provided, without any bond and conditions, allowing the educated students to go back to their home country and improve their quality of life. Honestly I would not be able to further study at Taiwan without the assistance of the scholarship and all of the helpful aids of the ICDF Program Managers. I plan to join some volunteer work to give back to the society in the near future.