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Allow me to first, introduce myself, since last time I had my article appeared in your newsletter ( ICDF News), I realized that I didn’t expressed myself well enough to an extend that my readers will at least become aware of my personal and cultural background, if that’s necessary! Anyway, my name is Walton Bohanny, married and a lovely father, as often expressed by my beautiful wife, from the Marshall Islands, located and floated in the Northern Pacific Ocean, somewhat between Hawaii, to the north and Australia, to the south.

Recently, I have been contacting lots of research; looking through a wide variety of data resources, literature reviews, internet sources to name a few. I found myself to be more comfortable in using the computer, internet, and other forms of information technologies.

I have been admiring all the works and learning experiences I have gained so far through my study in Taiwan. I personally thank my school, NTCN, for giving me all the opportunities to use the latest teaching or learning tools; like using laptop and projector in doing presentation, or using the computer on campus to explore the wide range of data resources and literature reviews.

As President of National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), I am very pleased to welcome you to browse the 9th issue of TICA newsletter. I hope that your online visit to this newsletter and our university will provide you with all the information you need, whether you are a student or scholar interested in the TICA programs, or just want to know more about our beautiful sea-side campus.

Established in 1980 at Kaohsiung, the second largest metropolitan in Taiwan, NSYSU has emerged over the years as one of the best comprehensive universities in the country. In 2002 NSYSU was named by the Ministry of Education as one of the country's seven major research-intensive universities. We are the leading national university in Southern Taiwan, and have set the benchmark for high standards in teaching, research, and internationalization. Our curriculum is well balanced to cover most disciplines in liberal arts, management, social sciences, engineering,

science, and marine science. It is the common aim of our faculty and administrative team to provide a well-rounded and memorable educational experience for all our students, undergraduate or graduate.

I thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter and visit us on the Internet, and hope to welcome you in person to our scenic campus by the Hsi-tze Bay overlooking the Taiwan Strait, where the breathtaking sunset accompanies our students and faculty in their daily pursuit of academic excellence.

It is difficult for me to distinguish the most delicious Taiwanese food or my favorite Taiwanese food. I’ve been here for a month, today. I tasted many Taiwanese foods and I think those that I have eaten so far are all good, delicious, and I classified all of them as my favorite Taiwanese foods. All of them are good! When I am having trouble with identifying or naming which foods can be the favorite one, I usually let my stomach do the honor and make the selection. So, my theory is, always trust your gut! If your gut is making sounds, it means trouble, but otherwise, be quiet, sit down, and welcome the foods your stomach selected for you.

Come to Yuan Ze, Make Your Dreams Come True

Under the trend of globalization, the degree of internationalization of each individual is an important factor to decide its survival nowadays. As a provider of higher education, we are under no exception. Developing new-century leaders with humane and cultural care, professional knowledge, creativity, and international vision is the educational goal of National Chengchi University.

In order to enhance international competitiveness of Taiwan in the future, the government has given enthusiastic impetus to “The Planning and Implementation of the Challenge 2008 National Development Plan.” The Ministry of Education is cooperating in the field of international competitiveness enhancement with the establishment of the “e-Generation Manpower Cultivation Plan,” hoping to expand the eminent international experts to strengthen the international cooperation program and international industry academic cooperation by enhancing educational qual