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15th issue by NTNU on December 2008

“No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence” George Eliot. 

Different are the experiences of friendship that I have had during the time that I had lived in Taiwan, from the moment that I left to El Salvador and decided to come here, many people have had at different times with whom I could share experiences very beautiful and unique . Beginning with the Salvadorans with whom I came to Taiwan and all these people from different countries that I know in my two weeks that spent in Taipei.

My name is Julissa Chong and this time I am going to talk about my friendship in Taiwan. Before getting into this matter I would like to thank ICDF program greatly for giving me the opportunity to come to this beautiful island and allow me to learn and share this rich culture, especially since people like me live so far away.

 One of the most valuable and most cherished experiences I have gained from being in Taiwan is friendship. I am quite sure that most of you would agree, being here has taught us many new lessons and experiences. In the beginning it was difficult adapting, however, for me these hardships would have been much more difficult without my friends and I thank God for the many friends I have made here in Taiwan.

Prior to my departure from The Gambia for Tiawan, I had already made friends with several Taiwanese who came to work in the Gambia. At least one of them visited the Gambia on two occasions and provided me with the opportunity to appreciate the Taiwanese people and their friendliness.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to gain substantial knowledge of Asian culture, I would like to share some experiences about my friendship in Taiwan. It has been just a short while since my arrival in this part of Asia where everything seems to be totally different. Certainly, developing a nice rapport with individuals from different origins and cultural backgrounds can pose a great challenge to anyone.