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19. My Summer Past Time in Taiwan

We started our summer holidays on the 21st of June and it was the very day we were asked to move to another dorm. We started moving around 4 O’ clock till around 7 O’ clock in the evening. It was a tiring day for us as moving from one dorm to another is not easy.
 I am almost spending all my holidays at the school because I have some fish fry and fingerlings to take care. So my whole summer holiday program is from dorm to the lab.
 The most interesting thing was our trip to the Taipei Zoo which was organized by our professor on behalf of ICDF second year student who was to return to his country. It is a tradition in our lab that if you spend all your time in the lab during your studies, the professor also organizes a trip for you to any interesting place. So this time it was the Taipei Zoo we went to. The purpose was that we want to refresh our mines and see different types of animals in the Zoo which has a high diversity of different kinds of animals.

       Hello!! Everybody my name is Carlos Fernando P. Barrios I’m a Masters Degree student in National Taiwan Ocean University.

       I have been living in Taiwan for the past 5 years and every time summer vacations comes something new come as well, because during this time you are able to travel around and get to know some nice places in Taiwan.

        The most Interesting thing about Taiwan is that every time you think you seen it all once you reach to another location of this beautiful island you get to realize that you still have lots of thing to visit and see in this small island, like for example smaller Island, Lakes, Mountains and many other nice places.. That just tells you that’s Taiwan has it all, thankfully in my first 4 years I travel to around and get to know all the Island and make some local friend in some of the places I visited.

         Relatively hot as my country – The Gambia but more humid over here; summer time in Taiwan I must confess is preferable to me than the winter. A great deal of my past time was initially spent indoors surfing the internet and watching online movies, accounting for a high toll of my AC consumption, hence the humidity both inside and outside the house. Boring as it sounds; this has been my routine life until few days before my room-mate’s departure, when I was introduced to a Taiwanese friend of his who injected life into my boredom thus changing it for the better.

       Ok, it’s time to remember the good times!!!!   I have to admit that Summer time in Taiwan completely beats Chinese New Year time. Well, first of all the weather is incredible (hot but nice), and there are a lot of more people around to make friends with and best of all!!!!  NO RAIN!!!!.


Taiwan is a fabulous place to have fun, to enjoy foods, to explore nature and culture, and to shop for goods. Taiwan is a beautiful island located at the South-East Asia and it’s surrounded by ocean and high mountains from all the sides. Spring, summer and winter are the main seasons in Taiwan. Since it is surrounded by ocean, in summer weather is very humid and hot. During Summer, many people really cannot stand the heat, but I like it!. Since on hot days, everyone is happy, goes swimming, sunbathing, having barbeque at the evening etc. In Taiwan, I can enjoy hot weather, slippers, shorts, shirt is just enough and you don’t need to worry that it is too cold, not bad, isn’t it? However, many people in Taiwan now say that the weather is too hot, women open their umbrellas to protect from the sun, the temperature in the stores sometimes seems to be just around 20C etc….but in winter, starting from 20C and below, everybody complains about the cold weather. Of course I understand that sunbathing is not good for the skin, but I think, every time opening the umbrella when going out of the house is just too exaggerating. The sweating is almost instantaneous once you step outside. The hot weather also brings some disadvantages, for example it’s also very warm inside the house. When you don’t turn on the air condition, it’s very uncomfortable, but when you do turn on the air condition, the electricity bill is going to increase a lot….in summer there are a lot of insects and also Typhoons.

       After finishing a really hard semester, vacations approached. More than anything, I would´ve loved to go back to my country and visit my family. This vacations I wasn´t able to do that, so my friends and I decided to take a small trip.

      For the first part of my vacations, I went to Taipei and visited many places I hadn’t visited before. My favorite was going to the Taipei Zoo. I had a lot of fun. I saw many animals I hadn’t seen in my life. The place is huge. I was really tired at the end of the day. My favorite animals of course, were the pandas. I loved them. I wish I had stayed there more time watching them.

       After a long semester of long hours of hard work, summer finally came. I spent this summer traveling around three different, exciting and beautiful countries in south East Asia; Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Since I was very young I have loved to travel, but I never imagined that I will have the opportunity to visit Asia.

      I backpacked around those three countries with my two friends for three incredibly and unforgettable weeks. Before we left Taiwan everyone that knew we were traveling around south East Asia by ourselves gave us different advice and shared with us their past experiences traveling through that region, trying to prepare us for what was about to happen.

       World summer games held in Kaohsiung was interesting. A week before the opening ceremony with preparations on high gear I when round to see some of the sites to be used for the game. It was an amazing sight seeing. The main stadium was fantastic. It has an artificial pond with a fountain. There where shops just at the entrance to clench your thirst and stimulate your taste buds with various ice creams and Taiwanese cookies. Inside the stadium was amazing with pavilion designed with different colored seats. The field was fantastic and the lighting amazing.

         I visited the Love River where most of the water games will take place. It was a beautiful sight. There where dragon boats beautifully decorated, Sitting areas for spectators, vendors for food and drinks nice decoration of flower, flags and painting. The where so many people and the scene was so exiting. The statures with there restaurants and the sound of karaoke music was something relaxing.

     I was awe stricken by the beauty of Taiwan with its rolling mountains, valleys, rivers and evergreen vegetation.  This impression has stayed with me throughout the almost two years I have been in Taiwan.  Another thing that keeps me amazed is the culture, having something to celebrate almost all the different seasons. My past summer was memorable because it was my first summer experience in Taiwan.  I was fascinated by everything that was happening, starting with what seemed to be preparations for the Typhoon season to the Dragon festivals.